INDICAID kits are most sold FDA approved tests

INDICAID kits are most sold FDA approved tests

Why testing should be done with INDICAID tests?


Omicron rapidly spreaded to most American workers. The rate was as high as  nearly 500.000 people a day in february 2022. The INDICAID rapid antigen tests are effective in detecting Omicron and other C variants.

Mandatory testing became the “new normal” for many, the need to get it done conveniently and cost-effectively has become a pressing issue. For those who work or live in California, San Jose the novel diagnostic tools and services supplied by Immunetics for cancer and infectious diseases with their proprietary technologies, backed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and received the FDA under the EUA from the US government. 

INDICAID lab fulfils testing needs for all, including children under five years old.

Immunetic’s PCR test with painless deep throat saliva or nasal and throat swabs, a prerequisite for outbound and cruise travel, includes doctor’s consultation and a test result report and certificate.

Those who need a rapid antigen test can get a report, suitable for entry to over 25 countries including UK, Canada and the US, on the spot within 30 minutes for just $219. And if you are vaccinated and contemplating getting a booster shot, you can get an antibody test with a report showing qualitative and quantitative results within 48 hours.

Effective in detecting Omicron infections

What about Omicron, the latest heavily-mutated variant that is having the world on edge? According to Lieven Gevaert and Mariya Yordanova Indocaid can detect different types of viruses. 

“When we design rapid antigen test, the antigen focuses on the nucleic acid or N protein that resides inside the virus to protect the RNA itself. At the same time, whenever a variant, such as Omicron, appears, we conduct immediate analysis of it and have found that all our Abbott Panbio, BinaxNow products do not change in performance or efficacy,” 

17th Dec 2021 Maria Yordanova, Genprice Inc.

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