A shaker incubator is a laboratory instrument that combines the functions of a shaking incubator and a cold room. It is used to incubate biological samples at controlled temperatures while also providing gentle shaking or stirring to promote mixing and maintain a uniform temperature throughout the sample.

Shaker incubators typically consist of a temperature-controlled chamber with a magnetic platform or tray on which the samples are placed. The platform can be configured to hold a variety of different types of vessels, such as test tubes, flasks, or microtiter plates. The incubator also has a motor-driven mechanism for shaking or stirring the samples, which can be set to a specific speed or motion pattern.

Shaker incubators are commonly used in biological research and medical laboratories to support a variety of applications, including cell culture, enzyme reactions, and bacterial growth. They are useful for maintaining the temperature and mixing conditions necessary for optimal growth and development of biological samples. Some shaker incubators are also equipped with additional features, such as humidity control or oxygen supply, to support specific types of experiments or applications.

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    INCU-SHAKER™ 10L WITH MAGIC CLAMPS MAGNETIC CLAMPS Large platform 18 x 18, up to 5 x 2 LTOUCH screen control over time, speed and temperatureExceptional temperature uniformityHorizontal circular 19mm orbit for aeration & mixingInstantly change...
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