CB testing in dogs

 Commercial breeding (CB) dogs

CB kennels tested on canine brucellosis in a larger population of dogs and kennels.




Canine brucellosis is a bacterial infection that can affect dogs and other animals. It is caused by the bacterium Brucella canis, which is primarily transmitted through sexual contact or the ingestion of infected tissues. The disease can cause a variety of symptoms, including reproductive problems, joint pain, and behavioral changes.

A canine brucella test is a diagnostic test used to detect the presence of Brucella canis bacteria in a dog's blood or other bodily fluids. There are several different types of tests available, including PCR tests, serological tests, and culture tests. These tests can be performed by a veterinarian or at a diagnostic laboratory, and they typically provide results within a few days.

Canine brucellosis is a serious disease that can be difficult to treat and can cause long-term health problems for infected dogs. It is also a zoonotic disease, meaning it can be transmitted to humans, so it's important to diagnose and treat the infection promptly to prevent the spread of the bacteria. A canine brucella test is a valuable tool for identifying infected dogs and initiating appropriate treatment.