Current Lyme ELISA tests are short on specificity. They can generate over 20 percent false positives. This results in either expensive and time-consuming Western Blot confirmatory tests or potential misdiagnosis.

Immunetics’ C6 Lyme ELISA is a far more specific assay – demonstrating 98 percent specificity in an average population, a 10-fold improvement over current Whole Cell Sonicate ELISAs.

Also, Immunetics’ C6 ELISA is a far more sensitive assay – showing 97 percent sensitivity in comprehensive clinical trials of Lyme patients at every stage of disease. The C6 test correctly detects more patients as positive than other current methods.

Immunetics’ C6 Lyme ELISA correctly distinguishes between true infections and vaccination response. In a study of Lyme vaccine recipients, while current Lyme ELISAs erroneously identified 100 percent of those vaccinated with LYMErixTM as infected with Lyme disease, Immunetics’ C6 Lyme ELISA correctly determined that none were infected.

And Immunetics’ C6 Lyme ELISA demonstrates superior results across a wide range of patients in all stages of Lyme – from early onset to late stage disseminated infection.