Isolate Pure Mononuclear Cells for Your Next Immunology Experiment: Introducing Lymphoprep™

Mononuclear cells (MNCs), a heterogeneous population encompassing lymphocytes (T, B, and NK cells), monocytes, and dendritic cells, are central players in the immune system. Studying their function requires efficient isolation from whole blood. Lymphoprep, a sterile, endotoxin-tested density gradient medium, offers a gold-standard method for achieving this.

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Lymphoprep: Purity, Speed, and Simplicity

This sucrose-based solution leverages density centrifugation to separate MNCs from red blood cells and granulocytes. During centrifugation, Lymphoprep creates a density gradient. MNCs, with lower densities, migrate to a distinct band at the interface, allowing for their easy aspiration.

Here's what makes Lymphoprep a valuable tool for immunologists:

High Purity: The separation process yields highly purified MNC populations, minimizing contamination from other blood cell types, crucial for accurate downstream applications.
Rapid Isolation: Within 15 minutes, you can obtain pure MNCs, streamlining your workflow and saving valuable research time.
Straightforward Protocol: The process requires minimal steps and standard laboratory equipment, making it accessible to researchers of all experience levels.

   A Comparative Study of B Cell Blast Isolation Methods from Bone Marrow Aspirates of Pediatric Leukemia Patients

Unlocking the Potential of MNCs

MNCs isolated using Lymphoprep serve a multitude of purposes in immunology research, including:

Immunophenotyping: Identify and characterize specific immune cell subsets using antibodies against cell surface markers.
Functional Assays: Assess the functional capabilities of MNCs, such as their response to stimuli or cytokine production.
Cellular Therapies: MNCs, particularly T cells, hold promise for adoptive cell therapy, a revolutionary approach for treating cancers and immunological disorders.

--> By incorporating Lymphoprep into your workflow, you can isolate pure MNC populations efficiently and reliably, propelling your immunology research forward.