BacTx Analyzer

BacTx Analyzer

The BacTx Analyzer® incorporates new user features for easy integration with your laboratory workflow and quality-control system. It delivers faster turnaround of results and a host of new automation and workflow-integration features.

  • Random-access test capability for a flexible workflow
  • Bar code scanner for rapid data entry
  • USB port for data downloads
  • LED touch screen for simple operation
  • Workflow management for positive patient tracking, active data management, and quality control

How it works

Up to a 1.0mL platelet sample is processed through several quick steps, then added to a BacTx reaction tube. Sample information is scanned and entered into the analyzer using the BacTx bar code reader.The reaction tube is then placed into the analyzer, which continuously monitors and interprets color development. The system software flags any sample as “fail” when the color detection threshold is crossed. If no contamination is detected after 30 minutes of incubation, the platelet bag is flagged as “pass.”