Trueprep® AUTO Transport Medium for Swab Specimen Pack

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Intended Use

It is intended for use with clinician-collected endocervical, vaginal, anorectal, nasal and throat swab specimens. The transport media is used as a medium for collection, decontamination and transport of various types of swabs specimens before proceeding for pre-treatment using Lysis buffer, extraction and purification of nucleic acids using Trueprep Universal Cartridge Based Sample Prep Kit and Trueprep Universal Cartridge Based Sample Prep Device. The transport medium will keep the nucleic acids of the respective organism intact thus maintaining the integrity of the nucleic acids. The medium does not maintain the viability of the microorganism. The collection and transport medium ensures for the safe collection and transport of the microorganisms which includes bacteria and viruses from the site of collection to the testing centre.

Key Features

- Composite and complete reagent pack
- Compact kit size

Contents of the Kit

A. Transport Medium for Swab specimen tubes (contains transport medium)
B. Packinsert