Information for Patients

Lyme Disease Testing Information

Undiagnosed and untreated Lyme disease can lead to debilitating outcomes. Accurate diagnosis is the key to early treatment. The C6 Lyme ELISA Test from Immunetics is the laboratory test key to cost-effective, quick and definitive diagnosis.

Discuss the Lyme Disease testing options with your Physician. Many hospitals and local laboratories already use the C6 Lyme ELISA assay. The test may already be available from your local hospital or laboratory. If not, the C6 Lyme ELISA may also be ordered from many of the larger commercial and reference laboratories that run the C6 Lyme ELISA Test routinely. The test number and the contact information of a few larger labs are listed below. Your Physician can contact these labs to order the test.

Focus Diagnostics

Phone: 800-445-0185
Request test #40678 or 44678

Mayo Medical Laboratories

Phone: 800-533-1710
Request test #9129 or 110045 (depends on which Mayo Lab.)

Specialty Labs

Phone: 800-421-4449
Request test #8954 or 8956

Quest Diagnostics

Phone: 800-377-8448
Request test #10672X