Corporate Overview

Protecting public health - one disease at a time

Immunetics brings advanced immunoassay and molecular probe technology to the diagnosis of infectious diseases. The World Health Organization reports that new infectious diseases are emerging and spreading faster than at any time in history, with at least one new disease appearing every year. Our team targets these serious threats to public health and works to develop the critical tools to detect or diagnose them, the first step towards effective treatment and better health.

Grant supported science

We have received numerous grants and contracts from the NIH and CDC for development of assays and instrumentation, and our products are referenced in numerous scientific publications. Recently, Immunetics was funded for development of a new array of tests for pathogens in blood and blood products.

Delivering on our promise

Our proud history includes the development of patented assays and instruments that are in everyday use in laboratories around the world to facilitate the rapid diagnosis of infectious diseases. We pledge to bring the results of our research to market to further this goal.

Our innovations include:


This Instrument System is for Western Blot, spoligotyping, and other multi-probe membrane assays

Cell Adhesion Flow Chamber

The Cell Adhesion Flow Chamber is for cell-cell interaction studies

C6 peptide Lyme ELISA

an FDA-approved test which is the first synthetic peptide ELISA for Lyme disease

Anthrax QuickELISA

QuickELISA is the first FDA-approved blood test for anthrax infection


A line of Western Blot assays for diseases
where diagnosis is exceptionally challenging

All of our products are available directly from Immunetics in the U.S. and through a network of distributors internationally. You can view our full distributor list here.