What we did

Immunetics has pioneered the use of the C6 peptide

A 26-amino acid sequence within the Borrelia membrane protein VlsE. This is the first truly specific and sensitive marker for infection with the Borrelia burgdorferi spirochete. The C6 peptide sequence is highly antigenic, generating an immune response in nearly all human cases soon after infection, and it is specific to Borrelia strains causing Lyme disease. It is not found in other infectious organisms, eliminating cross-reactivity at the source.

Immunetics’ C6 test uses a synthetic version of this peptide, which makes possible a highly sensitive, specific and reproducible ELISA for infection with the B. burgdorferi spirochete.

Current ELISA tests do not match the specificity or sensitivity of Immunetics’ C6 ELISA because they are based on Whole Cell Sonicates (WCS) containing multiple antigens, leading to cross-reactivity and inaccurate or ambiguous results.