Anti-HIV Type 1 p17 Clone 32/5.8.42 (1 mg)

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Intended Use

Anti-HIV-1 p17 Clone 32/5.8.42 exhibits reactivity with HIV-1 infected cultures using indirect immunofluorescence. When tested by Western blot with viral lysates, antibody shows a strong reaction with HIV-1 p17 core protein. The antibody may be used in indirect immunostaining techniques to detect HIV-1 core protein in fresh or cultured HIV-1 infected cells. Studies on core antigen synthesis and metabolism can be performed by Western blot or radioimmunoprecipitation analysis. The antibody may also be valuable for the affinity isolation of HIV-1 core protein. Antibody dilutions should be prepared using buffers containing suitable protein in order to stabilize antibody activity. Optimal dilution of antibody must be determined experimentally by the investigator.